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Welcome to the official HG-Gaming H1Z1 page. We are a group of about 35+ players, We focus on looting and raiding on the survival servers. Together we try to build a base that is so big it would be almost "unraidable". And when our building process is done we will start ruling the server.

Basic information:

Our base is devided by 2 rings. the innder and outer ring. Withing the innder ring every trusted player has its own shelter to store his/her belongings. At the safest spot of the inner ring we have the so called admin room's, the Foodroom and the Armory. The outer ring is used to give our new recruits a safe place to store their items. New players do not have access to the inner ring. This is just to secure the loot in the inner ring. although new players can't phisically access the loot they can always ask a member who has access to get the items they need from the Foodroom or the Armory.

Once you have been active after the wipe and helped us build our base you have access to the inner ring.

If you have any questions you can contact a staff member or you can place your question within our forums.



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